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Lean by Jarre:
A Musical Tribute to Sir David Lean (1992/ 2005)



Music composed by Maurice Jarre. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Maurice Jarre. Executive Producers: Emmanuel Chamboredon & Francois Riviere. Layout: Jodi Tack. Notes: Christopher Palmer. Recorded live at the Barbicon Centre, London, 1992. Released in 2005.

Dual Disc (CD & DVD)

Milan M2-36125

Rating: CD (***)/ DVD (***1/2)

CD Tracks (Playing Time = 48:44):

1. *Remembrance
2. *RYAN'S DAUGHTER -- Suite
5. *Offering

* = appears also on the DVD side

7. A PASSAGE TO INDIA --Garden of Statues (appears only on DVD side)


It is fortunate that this 1992 live concert was filmed and is now available as a Dual Disc.

Being a musical tribute to one of the great British directors, Sir David Lean, the scores by Jarre are obvious choices and all of them feature memorable themes. Jarre is not the most exciting conductor to watch but he handles the orchestra effectively and gets his music across well enough.

Though many film music fans would probably pick DOCTOR ZHIVAGO and its lilting "Lara's Theme" as their favorite, my choice would be LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, which brought Jarre his first of three Oscars for Best Score. This is a more intensely personal and powerful film score than ZHIVAGO or the other Lean film scores by Jarre.

For some strange reason, the CD side doesn't sound nearly as good as the DVD one. That's due to the DVD side being in "Enhanced Stereo." So I'd recommend watching the DVD side. It is far more interesting with film clips included for each film score on the concert program. There is also an extra track, the Garden of Statues from A PASSAGE TO INDIA, and it's well worth watching to see how effective the music is used. Also on the DVD side is a lengthy (35 minutes with English subtitles) interview with Maurice Jarre, plus Biographies and Filmographies.

Because of the less than stellar sound on the CD side, I've given it a lower rating.

But the DVD side is more appealing anyway. So if you want these popular film scores as conducted by Jarre, along with sample film clips, it is worth spending the money for this Dual Disc.


--Roger L. Hall, 30 September 2006

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