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music composed by Dario Marianelli

19 tracks (Total Time = 44:36)

1. Wandering Jane (3:01)
2. A Thorough Education (2:25)
3. Arrival at Thornfield Hall (1:17)
4. The End of Childhood (1:13)
5. Whie Skin Like the Moon (2:43)
6. A Game of Badminton (0:58)
7. In Jest or Earnest (2:05)
8. Do You Never Laugh, Miss Eyre? (1:21)
9. A Restless Night (2:00)
10. Waiting for Mr. Rochester (2:06)
11. Yes! (2:01)
12. Mrs. Reed is Not Quite Finished (2:23)
13. The Wedding Dress (2:11)
14. An Insuperable Impediment (2:59)
15. Jane's Escape (2:17)
16. Life on the Moors (1:23)
17. The Call Within (3:42)
18. Awaken (4:25)
19. My Edward and I (3:51)

Produced by Dario Marianelli. Music orchestrated by Dario Marianelli and Benjamin Wallfisch. Orchestra condcuted by Benjamin Wallfisch. Featured soolists: Jack Liebeck, violin; John Aley, piano; Melanie Pappenheim, solo vocal. Engineered by Nick Wollage. Recorded at Angel recording Studios, London. Mixed at Air Lyndhurst Studios, London. Album mastered by Andrew Walters at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Sony Music Entertainment 88697 852582

Rating: ****

With all the loud and lumbering film scores one hears these days, this one by Dario Marianelli is the complete opposite. It's like a breadth of fresh air to listen to such a quieter and very beautiful score. I actually thought to myself -- "now, here's a film score with something worthwhile to offer."

Anyone who remembers Marianelli's wonderful score for ATONEMENT (Sammy Award in 2007) will enjoy this score just as well. This JANE EYRE takes a different approach that Bernard Herrmann's score for JANE EYRE back in the 1940s. Rather than be very dark and bleak, Marianelli has chosen a much lighter, consoling quality though still filled with much melancholy. His score reminds me a bit of James Newton Howard's lovely score for THE VILLAGE, which I selected for a Sammy Award in 2004. Both scores feature the solo violin as the primary element and both have shimmering sounds that evoke deep emotions for their young female characters.

JANE EYRE starts off like a faint whisper barely heard for "Wandering Jane." This theme sets the stage for Jane's excursion through a troubled life.

The next cue, "A Thorough Education," continues the soft and soothing sounds, with the added wordless solo vocal adding an extra touch of sadness.

This is not a film score that has a tremendous range of sound but every cue is beautifully executed. The score reaches its most emotional expression at the end with "The Call Within" and "Awaken," as performed by the solo violin, beautifully played by Jack Liebeck, who is listed on the CD cover underneath the composer's name -- and fully deserving of that credit. Composer Dario Marianelli is especially appreciative of his playing:

Of the many joys I had while discovering a musical language that could accompany Jane on her path, none was greater than meeting violinist Jack Liebeck: his passionate, wholehearted, generous playing became the inner voice of Jane's true self.

That's very true. The solo violin passages are the heart of this softly subdued score. I would even suggest listening when you have a time of day that is quiet, such as late at night, to fully appreciate the beauty of this score.

Besides the solo violin there is also a few piano solos by John Alley, such as on "The Wedding Dress." As with the violin, the piano is caressing and contemplative rather that full and forceful.

The CD booklet has some comments by Marianelli and the remainder is made up of the usual film stills found in new film soundtrack releases. While I would prefer more writing about the score and even the composer, I understand the color film stills give the listener something to look at while listening to this beautiful score. I dare say this score might make you want to play it while having some lovemaking because it's that sensuous and quietly seductive.

The sound is excellent and the CD booklet design is also very tasteful.

A first class production all around and because of its high quality deserving of a Special Merit designation.

JANE EYRE is easily the best score of the year so far.

Highest recommendation.


-- Roger Hall, 31 March 2011













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