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32 tracks (Playing Time = 61:36)

1. The Sounds Of Hatari (4:17)
2. Main Title (2:35)
3. Safari Piano Bar Blues NO. 1 (1:24)
4. Giraffe Country (1:34)
5. Just For Tonight (instrumental)(2:10)
6. Parpahrase I (1:40)
7. Nightside (2:35)
8. Dallas Has A Plan (1:31)
9. Trip To Masai Wells (1:06)
10. Indian Comes Home (0:58)
11. Just For Tonight (Solo Piano)(2:24)
12. Swift Animal Chase (0:49)
13. Dead Elephant (0:37)
14. Night Side (Record Player)(2:19)
15. Leopard and Buffalo (1:51)
16. The Crocodile (1:08)
17. Your Father's Feathers (1:50)
18. Baby Elephant Walk (Short) (1;57)
19. Crocodile, Go Home! (1:10)
20. Big Bad Bwana (1:46)
21. Paraphrase II (1:26)
22. Wildebeest Hunt (2:36)
23. Brandy Snifter (2:09)
24. Ice Bucket Blues (1:42)
25. Monkey Suits (2:04)
26. Baby Elephant Walk (Long) (3:14)
27. Elephant Scare (0:49)
28. More Rhino (0:53)
29. Burnt Fingers (2:59)
30. Search For Dallas (4:23)
31. Just For TONIGHT (2:10)
32. fINALE (0:19)

Music composed and conducted by Henry Mancini.

CD Executive Producers: Douglass Fake and Roger Feigelson
Production Consultants: Lukas Kendall, Neil S. Bulk and Chris Malone

Orchestrations by Leo Shuken and Jack Hayes
CD Restoration and Editing: Chris Malone
Digital Editing: Douglass Fake
DDP Mastering: Joe Tarrantino
CD Art Direction: Joe Sikoryak
Production Assistance: Regina Fake, frank K. DeWald
CD booklet notes: John Takis

Intrada CD Special Collection Volume 200

Rating: ****

There were three Hollywood film composers who produced the most memorable themes of the 1960s: Burt Bacharach, Elmer Bernstein, and Henry Mancini.

Of these three, Mancini was the most successful of them all with his memorable score themes as well as such iconic songs as "Moon River," "Days of Wine and Roses" and "Charade."

So, it was with great expectation that I first listened to this Henry Mancini film score, one of his greatest in just a few short years. The others being BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S (Oscars for Best Score and Song), DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES (Oscar for best Song), CHARADE, and THE PINK PANTHER. A truly remarkable string of memorable film scores!

This 1962 soundtrack for the first time contains the complete soundtrack.

There are two themes which appear most often and both are outstanding.
The first one is the extremely seductive Main Title theme which glides along like John Wayne hunting wild animals from his truck. The second and more famous theme is the extremely popular and deservedly so, "Baby Elephant Walk" which is heard on three tracks in short version (track 18), long version (track 26) and "Search For Dallas" (track 30). But there is much more to this unfairly underrated score.

The score basically alternates between outdoor and indoor music.


The outdoor music is made up of African-falvored percussive adventure cues like "Giraffe Country" which uses the Main Title theme, and "Monkey Suits" (track 25) with its driving drum rhythms.

The indoor music consists of a Mancini trademark - the smooth and seductive jazz he introduced in his classic television scores for PETER GUNN and MR. LUCKY. You can hear this on such tracks as the cool jazz cue, "Nightside" (track 7), and the delightfully playful cue, "Your Father's Feathers" (track 17).

There is also one song featured but not written by composed. According to the excellent CD notes of John Takis, this song was actuaaly written by Hoagy Carmichael who had originally been chosen by director Howard Hawks but then let go after a dispute between the two. The Carmichael song was retained and presumably arranged by Mancini. It is heard at least three times on the soundtrack: instrumental (tracks 5 and 11) and vocal (track 31).

Needless to say that this excellent Mancini soundtrack is a must have for anyone who has enjoyed this lusty adventure film directed by the great Howard Hawks.

John Takis wrote at the end of his CD notes,

"HATARI, may indeed mean "Danger!" to speakers of Swahili. But to lovers of great film music, it can only ever mean "Mancini!"

Many thanks to the Intrada team for making this great Mancini score available to film music lovers.

To all of the admirers of this score, including myself,

HATARI! is vintage gold Henry Mancini!

-- Reviewed by Roger Hall, 31 July, 2012

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