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29 Tracks (Playing Time = 76:50)

Remastered by Robin Cherry. CD graphics by Roy Leaning.

CD notes by Ossie Dales.

Sepia Records Limited 1189

Rating: ****

For anyone who was around during the 1960s, this CD should bring back fond memories. It contains some of the most popular film themes which were often played on the radio. Remember - this is long before there was an Internet or even CDs. It was the LP era and several of them were released with popular film themes.

As the very informative notes by Ossie Dales tell us, the first Great Motion Picture Themes LP reached as high as No. 2 on the hit parade and remained on the charts for 81 weeks -- an incredible achievement for a compilation of film themes!


This CD contains many themes which were popular during the 1960s, such themes as those from EXODUS, GOODBYE AGAIN, and THE APARTMENT (Ferrante and Teicher); NEVER ON SUNDAY, THE MISFITS and THE UNFORGIVEN (Don Costa and Orchestra); and more. There are also rarer themes such as SMILE by Alfred Newman and Orchestra, THE VIKINGS and SOLOMON AND SHEBA (Mario Nascimbene and Orchestra), Main Title from ELMER GANTRY (Andre Previn and Orchestra), THE HORSE SOLDIERS (David Buttolph and Orchestra).

Also there are instrumental versions of popular film songs including the beautiful "Green Leaves of Summer" from Tiomkin's THE ALAMO (Nick Perito and Orchestra). Plus the theme from SOME LIKE IT HOT (Matty Malneck and Orchestra), and as a special added attraction from that classic comedy, Marilyn Monroe sings her sultry rendition of "I Wanna Be Loved By You" (track 23). Plus there is the lively theme, "Diggin' In The Mornin,'" from GOD's LITTLE ACRE (Elmer Bernstein and Orchestra).

There are even a few unusual jazz tracks, "I Loves You Porgy" from PORGY AND BESS (Bill Potts) and ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW (The Modern Jazz Quartet).

Of course, some of these themes have been issued on complete soundtrack CDs. But if you wish to hear what was most popular in the early 1960s by such artists as the piano duo, Ferrnate and Teicher, and the orchestras of Don Costa and Al Caiola, this is a wonderful choice. The sound quality is vintage 1960s but very good and there are some very nice graphics of film sheet music and posters.

A highly recommended compilation.


-- Reviewed by Roger Hall, 31 July 2012

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