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30 Tracks (Playing Time = 72:08)

Music composed by David Arnold.

Score produced by David Arnold and Geoff Foster. Score Orchestrated and Conducted by Nicholas Dodd. Album Recorded and Mixed by Geoff Foster.
Album Mastered by Ray Staff.

Sony Classical 88697811422.

Rating: ***1/2

This is the third in the Chronicles of Narnia series of soundtracks. The first one was subtitled: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, the second one was Prince Caspian. For this third installment, David Arnold was composed an appealing score to match the magical fantasy story.

The first track ("Opening Titles" - 1:07) starts out with a lovely serene theme featuring the orchestra and wordless choir. This main theme is expanded upon and becomes more forceful and rhythmic in the next track ("The Painting" - 2:28).

The third track ("High King and Queen of Narnia" - 1:33) includes the original theme by Harry Gregson-Williams. The other track with a Gregson-Williams theme is "Aslan Appears" (track 17 - 0:49). The fourth track introduces the warrior mouse ("Reepicheep - 0:58), which proceeds to "Land Ahoy" (track 5 - 1:43). These opening tracks help to set the stage for this fantasy story with ample use of horns and strings.

Unlike lots of soundtracks today, this one is not cluttered with forgettable songs. Instead this soundtrack by Arnold has a full blown symphonic treatment and is quite enthralling to follow.

Most of the cues are less than 3 minutes, but the longest cue is track 27 ("Into Battle" - 11:03). This features an extended buildup from low to high passages in the orchestra and rapid changes of tempo. It is also the most exciting track on the CD with much tension created and accompanied by ample use of the thundering unidentified chorus -- there are several choirs listed on the CD booklet ("Green Mist Choir"/ "Synergy Vocals Choir").

The final track ("Time To Go Home" - 2:46) provides a wonderfully upbeat conclusion to this magical excursion into the Chronicles fantasyland.

Though this soundtrack is not quite as enthralling as the first Chronicles of Narnia CD , Arnold's score does keep the music from ever getting tired or formulaic.

This is a robust and well recorded soundtrack.

Recommended especially for fans of the Chronicles of Narnia stories and for those who enjoy a good solid symphonic score.

-- Roger Hall, 30 December 2010




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