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CAPOTE (2005)


Music composed and produced by Mychael Danna.

18 Tracks (Playing Time = 76:31)

Tracks 2-3,5-6,8,10-13, 15 from the album: "Truman Capote reads scenes from In Cold Blood - A true account of a multiple murder and its consequences " (RCA Victor VDM-110), released 1966.

Compiled for CD by Steve Berkowitz and Didier Deutsch. Music orchestrated by Nicholas Dodd and Mychael Danna. Conducted by Nicholas Dodd.Music scoring mixer: Ron Searles. Mastering Engineers: Vic Anesini and Woody Pornpitaksuk. Assistant Engineers: Dennis Patterson and Chales Ketchabaw. Music editor, scoring and mix: Jennifer Dunnington. Music editor, dub: Rich Waters. Pianist: Eve Egoyan. Music Supervisor: Sue Jacobs.

RCA/Legacy 8-2876-78151-2

Rating: **


This CD consists of some score tracks by Mychael Danna mixed with tracks devoted to excerpts read by Truman Capote from his famous book, In Cold Blood, which forms the background of the film.

Since this is a film music review, I'll not comment about the Capote readings except to say that the passages give a decent sampling from his book. And Philli[ps Seymour Hoffman has received an Oscar as Best Actor in this film so it comes with a high profile.

But I must protest because the film composer gets shortchanged with far more time devoted to readings (11 tracks) than to the score (7 tracks). I can't imagine Danna is very pleased about it. The score tracks only make up about 13 minutes of the total 76 minute soundtrack.

This same sort of thing has happened, for example with ANGELA'S ASHES, but that soundtrack only had a few readings and the rest featured the score of John Williams.

Of the score itself, track 14 ("Not Much Time Left") is the most effective with its eerie combination of sustained high strings giving a feeling of impending doom. It is well done, building slowly to a somber conclusion. Also effective cue are track 17( "Epigraph") and 18 ("Answered Prayers"). Much of the score is subdued to reflect the background of the film's events.

I believe it would have been more appropriate to release a separate CD of Truman Capote's readings from In Cold Blood. Then the soundtrack could be devoted entirely to Mychael Danna's film score for CAPOTE.

As it stands now, it's an odd mixture of spoken word and soundtrack.


--Roger Hall, 6 March 2006

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