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Caddyshack [Soundtrack]



Music composed by Johnny Mandel.
Songs by Kenny Loggins

10 Tracks (Playing Time = 31:05)

Chorus and the Bushwood Orchestra conducted by Miles Goodman. Includes the Kenny Loggins songs, “I’m Alright,” “Lead the Way,” “Make the Move,” and “ Mr. Night.” Also includes “any Way You Want It” by Queen, “There She Goes” by The Beat, “ and “Something On Your Mind,” by Hilly Michaels. Reissue produced by Didier Deutsch. Original Album supervised by Kenny Loggins, Bruce Botnick, and Michael Dilbeck. Music edited by Roy M. Prendergast and Jack Tillar. Digitally mastered by Mark Wilder, Battery Studios, New York, NY. CD Art Direction by Mark Banning.

La-La Land Records 1118

Limited edition of 3500 copies.

Rating: ***


If there is a quintessential golf movie that is in the list of “must sees” then surely CADDYSHACK k is that film. The 1980 Harold Ramis film is filled with now classic comedy bits and pieces and shot Rodney Dangerfield on a series of odd comedies through the next few years. From the wild groundskeeper played by Bill Murray to the suave lover of Chevy Chase each sequence seems like inspired lunacy. And then of course there is that groovy gopher. It was one of two films where orchestral score material highlighted on-screen action most seriously with tongue firmly in cheek (AIRPLANE! had appeared early in July, the month of CADDYSHACK’s release.)

La-La Land has put together a brief album featuring both song material written by Kenny Loggins and score segments provided by Johnny Mandel. Loggins’ hit “I’m Alright” literally infuses the film with its energy and supports several indelible images. He provided four songs for the film of which this “theme” is the most memorable. “Lead the Way is a gentle ballad with many nice moments and a string support. “Make the Move” adds some choral vocalizing that was used to open the film and is connected here to the sort of country rock blend that Loggins was known for at the time. Hints of “Footloose” can already be heard in the fourth Loggins’ song, “Mr. Right.” A boon for Loggins fans is having all four of these songs in one place.

Mandel’s score material as it appears here amounts to about 7 minutes. Most of his contribution involved appropriating memorable tunes to play against picture or highlight the comedy. So the guess is it must have been a licensing nightmare for anyone who wanted to create a complete score only release. Who can pick up a Babe Ruth candy bar by a pool without a sly smirk on one’s face and the music from Jaws running through our heads, or think of the explosions on a golf course accompanied to the 1812 Overture. The “Ride of The Valkryies” even makes a humorous, and impassioned choral, appearance in Mandel’s “Divine Intervention” in the midst of the Bishop’s (Ted Knight) game (though some of this was dialed out and music from Bernstein’s THE TEN COMMANDMENTS inserted in the film). The highlight here may just be the bossa nova jazz of “Marina” with its tuneful melodic idea and lounge-like orchestration with prominent piano. The disc concludes with “The Big Band” part of the humorously explosive finale with strains of the 1812 Overture moving into a rock-like conclusion.

Songs from Queen, The Beat, and Hilly Michaels odd Queen-like “Something On Your Mind” fill out the disc. It is definitely a guilty pleasure release for fans of the film and kudos to La-La Land for making some of Mandel’s contribution available. CADDYSHACK is a film where the music, whether it be song or orchestral score, found a way to perfectly play up specific scenes so well that they are indelibly linked on the minds of all who saw the film. The accompanying booklet is a thoroughly enjoyable and informative read.


---Steven A. Kennedy , 26 January 2010

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