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Original score and songs by Gustavo Santaolalla.

17 Tracks (Playing Time = 43:32)


1. Opening (1:31)
2. He Was A Friend Of Mine - Willie Nelson (4:39)
3. Brokeback Mountain 1 (2:32)
4. A Love Will Never Grow Old - Emmylou Harris (3:20)
5. King Of The Road - Teddy Thompson and Rufus Wainwright (2:52)
6. Snow (1:18)
7. The Devil's Right Hand - Steve Earle (2:34)
8. No One's Gonna Love You Like Me - Mary McBride (3:06)
9. Brokeback Mountain 2 (1:59)
10. I Don't Want To Say Goodbye - Teddy Thompson (3:12)
11. I Will Never Let You Go - Jackie Greene (1:55)
12. Riding Horses (1:24)
13. An Angel Went Up In Flames - The Gas Band (2:36)
14. It's So Easy - Linda Ronstadt (2:27)
15. Brokeback Mountain 3 (2:14)
16. The Maker Makes - Rufus Wainwright (3:50)
17. The Wings (1:52)

Soundtrack produced by Gustavo Santaolalla. Music Supervisor: Kathy Nelson. Mastered by Tom Baxter. Art Direction: Hollis King. Design: Philip Manning.

Verve Forecast B0005604-02

Rating: ***1/2

There has been so much controversy associated with this film about two male friends. I didn't think the film was as great as many film critics have written, but the cinematography and music were the highlights for me.

This is a soundtrack that has more songs(10 tracks) than film score. Unlike many of today's soundtracks that have a whole bunch of songs written by those who have nothing to do with the film, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN has songs written by Gustavo Santaolalla together with other songwriters.

There are also some songs not by Santaolalla. They are: "He Was A Friend Of Mine" (Bob Dylan); "King Of The Road" (Roger Miller); "The Devil's Right Hand" (Steve Earle); "It's So Easy" (Buddy Holly-Norman Petty); and "The Maker Makes" (Rufus Wainwright). Of these the Bob Dylan song, nicely sung by Willie Nelson, comes across the best.

The Santaolalla songs that I thought worked best were: "No One's Gonna Love You Like Me" sung by Mary McBride, and "A Love That Will Never Grow Old" beautifully sung by Emmylou Harris--and the best song on the soundtrack CD.

As far as the score tracks, most of them are very subdued. The instruments used most often are acoustic guitars, including Santaolalla himself playing. This score is very relaxed and a bit melancholy, like the film itself.

The CD booklet is very tastefully designed with full credits listed for each track. Also the credits are printed in easily readable format, and that's greatly appreciated from this reviewer.

For those who like their film music more laidback, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN fills that mood quite well. It's also an enjoyable combination of score and songs by Santaolalla.


--Roger Hall, 16 February 2006

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