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BEE MOVIE (2007)

Original music by Rupert Gregson-Williams. Additional music by Lorne Balfe, Halli Cauthery, Michael Levine, Mark Russell, Ryeland Allison, Heitor Pereira.

15 Tracks (Playing Time = 44:21)


Executive Music Producer: Hans Zimmer. Orchestrations by Rupert Gregson-Williams and Alastair King. Additional orchestrations by Geoff Alexander and Graham Preskett. Score conducted by Rupert Gregson-Williams, Gavin Greenaway, Alastair King. Choir: Metro Voices.

A& R Executive: David Lai. Package Design: Roxanne Semak. Music Editor: J.J. George. Additional Music Editor: Kevin Crehan. Score recoded by Geoff Foster. Additional recordings: Nick Wollage, Rupert Coulson. Score mixed by Alan Myerson. Score recorded at Air Lyndhurst Studios, London.

Sony Classical 88697-19034-2

Rating: **1/2

This soundtrack is a good example of what's wrong with too many of today's CD releases.

They are written by too many people. In BEE MOVIE it seems to have been written by a music committee. Does this lend itself to a coherent soundtrack? Well, yes and no.

First, the yes. Considering how many people worked on this soundtrack, it is still a listenable soundtrack, though often too bombastic for my taste. After a few tracks, I was frankly quite bored with the mediocre music. I felt as if I'd heard much of this type of "busy music" before, especially from the Media Ventures team with Hans Zimmer as the execuitve producer. It sounds derivative of other music. For example, the opening track of "Graduation" (3:14) sounds like music that might have been composed by Thomas Newman, and he probably would have made it sound more convincing.

Now, the no. Why did they choose to put in two old songs in this movie? Apparently because of the song titles. The first one is "Suger, Sugar" sung by The Archies. The other song isGeorge Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun" sung by Sheryl Crow. Do you get the connection? How clever! Neither song is necessary but the thinking was probably it would sell more copies that way.

Much of this soundtrack moves along okay. But it never really stung me (ouch!) with anything really very original. Without knowing who wrote what cues it is difficult to know how much of this soundtrack was done by Rupert Gregson-Williams.

The CD booklet artwork is very colorful but the credits are tiny. I wonder if the CD producers ever look at the artwork to make sure the names can be read easily. I needed a magnifying glass to read the names.

All in all this is a CD that will probably only appeal to those who want a souvenir of BEE MOVIE.

It just didn't buzz me (sorry for another pun).

--Roger Hall, 9 November 2007


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