Earlier American Choral Composers - A Survey in Sound

For musicians, music teachers, students and listeners,
a sampling of recordings covering 150 years of music,
from the New England singing school composers of the 18th century,
to early 20th century classical composers.

There are three volumes ,
compiled by musicologist, Roger Lee Hall,
with mp3 files plus two half hour video programs:

--"Old Stoughton and The Grand Constitution"
includes a one act play about the writing
of the oldest music constitution in the USA,
the same year as the U.S. Constitution in 1787.
(from the cable televsion series: "Now and Then")

--"Hymns by Stephen Foster"
rare Civil War era hymns in first performances,
performed by The Old Stoughton Musical Society,
the oldest choral society in the USA
(from the cable television series: "In Concert")


Volume 1: 1770-1799
music by Supply Belcher, William Billings, Jacob French,
Oliver Holden, Jeremiah Ingalls, Daniel Read
Video program: "Old Stoughton and The Grand Constitution"

Volume 2: 1800-1865
music by Stephen Foster, Lowell Mason, Oliver Shaw 
Video program:  "In Concert - Civil War Era Hymns by Stephen Foster"




Volume 3: 1866-1920  
Edwin A. Jones, George W. Chadwick, Charles E. Ives




All three volumes are avaialable on one DVD-ROM























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