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Are you a musician, musicologist, teacher, student, historian, or listener
interested in music from America's past?

It's a sad fact that a great deal of America's earlier vocal music is seldom performed and recorded today.

There are 12 CD titles listed below which feature music that is hard to find and available for a donation to help support this music preservation site.


These CDs have been prepared from the American Music Recordings Archive (AMRA) primarily for educational or personal listening.

They are produced by the Society for Earlier American Music [SEAM].

They contain music performed mostly from original editions and also from modern arrangements, many of them recorded for the first time.

These are mostly not studio recordings and some were gathered from live concerts, so sound levels will vary.

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Because these collections were compiled with great care, no refunds will be given unless a CD-R is defective and then it will be replaced at no extra charge after the disc has been returned.

Most of the performances were recorded in live concerts so sound levels will vary.

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These are the five categories of the American Vocal Music Series:


America in Song, Volume 1: 1759-1869
America in Song, Volume 2: 1861-1961






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American Vocal Music Series





American War Songs: From the American Revolution to World War I
(AMRC 0009)

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"The Liberty Song"
Earlier American Song
Treasury, 1620-1920
(AMRC 0010)


Music from Pilgrim psalm tunes to patriotic songs of World WarI, performed by various singers and choruses, including the Old Stoughton Musical Society, the oldest singing society in the U.S.A., organized in 1786. Also includes additional information about singing in earlier America, including the Civil War era songs: "John Brown" and "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

Pilgrims, Puritans, and Reformers

1. Pilgrims: Arrival in the New World/ Psalm 8

2. Pilgrims: Thanksgiving/ Psalm 100

3. Puritans: Psalm 23

. Reformer: Psalm 100 (Rev. Thomas Walter, 1721)

5. Reformer: 100th Psalm Tune New (Rev. John Tufts, 1720s)

Native Peoples and Pirates

6. Narragansett Indian Hymn

7. Captain Kidd (ballad)

Propaganda and Revolution

8. The Liberty Song (1768) - words: John Dickinson/
tune: Heart of Oak

9. Free America (1770) - words: Joseph Warren/
tune: British Grenadiers

10. The Lexington March - tune: Yankee Doodle (ca. 1775)

11. Father and I Went Down To Camp -
tune: Yankee Doodle, ca. 1776

12. Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier (ballad)

13. Chester - William Billings, 1778/ 1786 (different text)

14. Revolutionary Tea (ballad)

15. Thanksgiving Hymn - tune: Kittery by William Billings

New England Singing Masters

16. The Bird - William Billings, 1790

17. Victory - Daniel Read, 1793

18. New Bethlehem - Edward French, 1799

U.S. Constitution and First President

19. The Grand Constitution (1787)/ Yankee Song (1788)/ Ode to President George Washington (1789)

War of 1812

20. The Star Spangled Banner - text: Francis Scott Key, 1814

21. Peace - text: Esther Talbot, 1814

New York Ballads

22. The Erie Canal

23. The E-R-I-E

24. Buffalo Gals (ca. 1844)

Spiritual Songs and Hymns

25. We Gather Together (Prayer of Thanksgiving, ca. 1894)

26. Simple Gifts (Shaker song by Elder Joseph Brackett, 1848)

27. Give Us This Day (hymn by Stephen Foster, 1863)

28. Blessing and Glory (song
by Edwin Arthur Jones, 1874)

World War I

29. Song of the Marching Men (Henry Hadley, 1919)

30. Cantata Finale: Land Of Our Hearts
(George W. Chadwick, 1918)

American Choral Sampler

(PAM No. 2)

Recorded at live concerts during the 1970s and 1980s, performed by soloists and chorus of the Old Stoughton Musical Society, America's oldest choral society.

It includes many First Recordings and has additional information and a half hour video program with a play about the writing of the oldest musical constitution in the United States, written in 1787, the same year as the U.S. Constitution.


Julia Ward Howe --
abolitionist, reformer, writer - author of "Battle Hymn of the Republic."

1. The Liberty Song (1768) -- words: John Dickinson
tune: HEART OF OAK by William Boyce
/ arr. by William A. Fisher
[First Recording]

2. Father and I Went Down to Camp (1776) -- words: Edward Bangs
tune: YANKEE DOODLE/ arr. by William A. Fisher
[First Recording]

3. Chester (1778) -- words & music by William Billings

4. Chester (1786) -- music only by William Billings/ with Paul Revere bell
[First Recording]

5. Thanksgiving Hymn (ca. 1783) -- music by William Billings (ed. R.L. Hall)
[First Recording]

6. Beneath a Weeping Willow's Shade (1788) -- music by Francis Hopkinson

7. Welcome, Mighty Chief (1789) -- music by George Frideric Handel

8. Ode to President George Washington (1789) -- words by Samuel low
[First Recording]

9. Dedication (1794) -- words by William Billings
music by Roger Lee Hall, 1986
[First Recording]

10. Mount Vernon (1799) -- Oliver Holden [First Recording]

11. The Star-Spangled Banner (1814) -- words: Francis Scott Key
tune: TO ANACREON IN HEAVEN (19th century choral version)

[First Recording]

12. Peace (1814) -- words by Esther Talbot
music by Roger Lee Hall, 1981
[First Recording]

13. Stoughton Waltz (1839) -- music by Oliver Shaw [First Recording]

14. John Brown (1861) and Battle Hymn of the Republic (1862)
tune: GLORY, HALLELUJAH (19th century choral version)
[First Recording]

15. Give Us This Day (1863) - Stephen C. Foster [First Recording]

16. Angel of Peace (1869) -- words: Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.
tune: AMERICAN HYMN by Matthias Keller
[First Recording]

17. Centennial Meditation of Columbia (1876) -- words: Sidney Lanier
music: Dudley Buck (U.S. Centennial Cantata)
[First Recording]

18. Aria: How Beautiful Upon The Mountains (1881) -- music by E.A. Jones
[First Recording]

19. Chorale: Behold What Matchless Love (1881) -- music by E.A. Jones
[First Recording]

20. Easter Carol (1892) -- Charles E. Ives [First Recording]

21. We Gather Together (Prayer of Thanksgiving)(English translation, 1894)

22. Indian Sketch for String Quartet (1918) -- Charles T. Griffes

23. Land Of Our Hearts (1918) - George Whitefield Chadwick

24. Chorale: How Lovely Shines The Morning Star (1909) -- G.W. Chadwick

[First Recording]





"New Bethlehem" -
Christmas Music in New England
( AMRC 0011)



Twenty-four Christmas carols, hymns and songs from New England composed between 1778 and 1988 and also highlights from a Christmas Eve radio program in 1992.

For track titles and more information, go to:

Christmas Music in New England





"Chester" - Music in Old New England, 1778-1878

Read more at this link:

Now and Then




"The Young Convert"
Six Early Composers
(AMRC No. 0004)

Choral music by William Billings, Jacob French, Daniel Read, Jeremiah Ingalls, Oliver Holden and Timothy Swan.

To read all the track titles, go to

The New England Harmony



"A Toast"
Music of George Washington's Time

(AMRA No. 0013)

Recorded at several live concerts performed by soloists and chorus of the Old Stoughton Musical Society, including a 1982 concert in Canton, Massachusetts, celebrating the 250th anniversaries of the births of Austrian composer, Franz Joseph Haydn, and First U.S. President, George Washington.

To see all the music titles, click on this link:

"A Toast"
Music of George Washington's Time


"Lincoln and Liberty"
Music From Abraham Lincoln's Era
(AMRA No. 0012)

specially prepared CD for the Lincoln Bicentennial

Music written and performed during Abraham Lincoln's lifetime and just beyond, including eight World Premiere Recordings of hymns by Stephen Foster, a Shaker pacifist hymn, and National Peace Jubilee hymn.

To see all the track titles, click on this link:

"Lincoln and Liberty"
Music from Abraham Lincoln's Era






Best of William Billings (1746-1800)
(AMRC No. 0001)

Music by America's first important composer of choral music, William Billings.

Performed by singers from the Old Stoughton Musical Society, the oldest choral society in the U.S.

Total Time = 70:45


1. Thus Saith the High, the Lofty One (1770)

2. Majesty (1778)

3. Chester (1778)

4. David's Lamentation (1778)

5. Thanksgiving Anthem (1794)

6. Radio Interview on WGBH in Boston, Massachusetts -
"A Note To You" with Roland Nadeau (1985) Guest: Roger Hall

7. Modern Music (1781)

8. +Stoughton (1770) - edited with Isaac Watts text by Roger Hall (1986)

9. Claremont (1794)

10. +Anthem From Sundry Scriptures: Who Is This?

11. Assurance (1781)

12. Anthem for Mariners: Euroclydon (1781)

13. Radio interview on WGBH in Boston -
"Morning Pro Musica" with Robert J. Lurtsema (1986)
Guests: Roger Hall and David McKay

14. +Anthem: Charity (1794)

15. +Sharon (1778) - with recorder quartet, 1980

16. Stoughton (1770) - with piano accompaniment, 1980

17. +The Pleasures of Variety -- text: William Billings, 1794/
music: Roger Hall, 1980

18. +Dedication -- text: William Billings, 1794/music: Roger Hall, 1986

19. +Anthem: O God, My Heart is Fixed (1794)

20. Chester (1786 version)

+ = First recording

Music by Four New England Composers
(AMRC No. 0002)

Total Time = 62:37

Music by four composers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, including special commemorative works such as the World's Peace Jubilee hymn and the official U.S. Centennial Cantata by Dudley Buck; two choruses composed for the Dartmouth College Glee Club by Edwin Jones; an Easter Carol by Charles Ives; and a major World War I era cantata by George Chadwick.

All of these are believed to be first recordings:

Poet Sidney Lanier who wrote the poem for
the cantata by Dudley Buck
commissioned for the United States Centennial in 1876.

I. Dudley Buck (1839-1909)

Festival Hymn: Peace and Music - complete performance (organ-vocal score) for the World's Peace Jubilee in Boston,1872.

Choral Cantata: Centennial Meditation of Columbia -- for United States Centennial in 1876, set
to a poem by Sidney Lanier - complete performance (piano-vocal score).

II. Edwin A. Jones (1853-1911)

Organ: Prelude and Fugue in G minor (1878)

Dartmouth Glee Club Chorus: "Praise Ye The Lord" (1874)

Dartmouth Glee Club Chorus: "Blessing and Glory" (1874)

Oratorio Chorus: "Hail! All Triumphant
Lord" from
Easter Concert

See also: New England Composer Series No. 1

III. Charles E. Ives (1874-1954)

Chorus: "Turn Ye, Turn Ye" (1890)

Chorus & Solo Quartet: "Easter Carol" (1892)

Soloist & Chorus: "The Collection" (1920)

See also: American Music Recordings Collection

IV. George W. Chadwick (1854-1931)

Organ Prelude: "The Star" from Noel (1909)

Chorale: "How Lovely Shines The Morning Star"
from Noel (1909)

Chorus: Land of Our Hearts (1918) --
complete performance (piano-vocal score)

See New England Composer Series No. 2



A Centennial Collection:
Music by E.A. Jones (1853-1911)

This CD has been prepared for the centennial memorial of this unjustly negelected New England composer, Edwin Arthur Jones (1853-1911).

All the performances on the CD were recorded in live concerts and all of them are World Premiere Recordings:

1. Prelude and Fugue in G minor for pipe organ (Op. 10, 1878) -- first concert performance, 1980

2. Dartmouth College Glee Club Chorus:
Praise Ye The Lord (1874)

3. Dartmouth College Glee Club Chorus:
Blessing and Glory (1874)

4. Trio for Strings (1878)

5. Fuging Chorus: OLD STOUGHTON (1886)

SONG OF OUR SAVIOUR (Op. 14, 1881) - A Cantata for SATB Soloists and Chorus, Organ, and Orchestra

6. Introduction for Orchestra

7. Bass Recitative & Chorus: Break forth into joy

8. Alto Air: How beautiful upon the mountains

9. Chorus: Awaken thou that sleepest

10. Tenor Recitative & Air: Greater love hath no man

11. Recitative and Air: O Lord/ If ye love me

12. Soprano, Alto, Tenor Trio: Look unto me

13 Bass Recitative: Unto Him that loved us/
Final Chorus: Glory be to God

SONG OF OUR SAVIOUR Cantata (Nos 6-13):
Old Stoughton Musical Society Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra,
Richard Hill, organist; Raymond Fahrner, conductor;
Recorded at the World Premiere performance in Stoughton, Massachusetts, May 3, 1992.
Cantata text will be included with the CD.

14. String Quartet No. 2 (Op. 22, 1887) -- first performed by The Kneisel Quartet at Mrs. J.L. (Isabella Stewart) Gardner's home in Boston in 1889 -- first modern day performance, 1985.

15. Chorus: Hail! All Triumphant Lord! from oratorio,
EASTER CONCERT (Op. 28, 1890)

16. The Farewell Waltzes for piano (Op. 8, 1874)


See also:

New England Composer Series: Edwin Arthur Jones




"My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free"
Songs by Francis Hopkinson
(AMRC No. 0008)

For the list of track titles, see

First American Song


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